Would you like climbing a nice rock wall seeing the sea under you?

Rock climbing in Peñón de Ifach it´s special: the lanscapes, the limestone, the sea, the good weather and the tasty foods are waiting for you near Calpe town, in the Costa Blanca.

Enjoy accompanied by a certified mountain guide.


Which options exist to rockclimbing Peñón de Ifach?

The two faces:

  • South-face: «Same», «Valencianos», «Polvos Mágicos», «Costa Blanca», «Diedro UBSA», «Gómez-Cano» and «Revelación».
  • North-face: «Roxy» and «Pany».

What´s the necessary equipment?

– Clothing appropriate for mountain activity.
– Water and food.
– Backpack (30 liters aprox) .
– Sunglasses, cap, sunscreen, headlamp with fresh batteries and first aid kit.
– Climbing shoes.
(*) If you haven´t the following climbing equipment, we can provide it for the activity
– Helmet and harness for climbing.
– Lanyard with locking carabiner.
– Belay device with locking HMS carabiner.
– 1 stitched sling (240cm).
– 3 extra locking carabiner.

escalada Piratas Peñón Ifach Calpe Costa Blanca Alicante SERAC GUÍAS DE MONTAÑA

How much time do I need?

Just one day. In case the participant has not previous climbing experience, it would be advisable to use an extra-day in an introductory climbing for we could work together basic climbing techniques.

What is the exigency for this rock-climbing to Peñón de Ifach?

Have an acceptable fitness, for some climbing routes isn´t necessary have rock climbing experience, but it´s important skills in mountain trek.

How many climbers for each mountain guide?

Usually, the rate guide:participant is 1:2 (for some routes sould be 1:1).

What is the porposal date for climbing Peñón de Ifach?

All the year. But it´s important check with the guide about the mountain conditions.

What is the price of the activity?

To calculate a final price, please contact us to design the activity in line with your needs and expectations.

escalada Peñon Ifach 5 SERAC COMPAÑÍA DE GUÍASWhat is included?

– Certified mountain guide.
– Assesment (previously and during the activity).
– Photo report.
– Climbing equipment (colective and individually if it´s necesary).
– RC and accident insurance during the activity.
– Taxes.

What is not included?

– Accomodation and meals for the participants and for the guide.
– Transportation to the place of activity and during it.
– Expenses not included in the initial program.
– Everything that is not detailed in “What is included?”.

Need you other planning, other places or other mountain activities?

We can plan with you: trekking, alpinism, ice-climbing, freeskiing, rock climbing, ski touring,…

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