In Sierra de Gredos it´s possible to enjoy hiking in forests, trails and easy summits. You can meet his nice valleys and peaks with a certified mountain guide. If you want to know Sierra de Gredos, we can show you the most beautiful places in this mountain range.

senderismo Circo Gredos SERAC COMPAÑÍA DE GUÍAS

Wich options exist to trekking in Sierra de Gredos?

For example:

  • Circo de Gredos.
  • Garganta de Bohoyo.
  • Cinco Villas Valley.
  • Trekking Sierra de Gredos with childrens.
  • Morezón.
  • Trekking GR-10 Sierra de Gredos.
  • Cinco Lagunas.
  • Laguna del Duque.
  • Puerto del Arenal.
  • Laguna de Los Caballeros.
  • Puerto del Peón.
  • Summits of Sierra de Gredos.

What´s the necessary equipment for this trekking in Sierra de Gredos?

– Clothing appropriate for mountain activity.
– Water and food.
– Backpack (20-30 liters aprox).
– Sunglasses (cat.3), cap, sunscreen, headlamp with fresh batteries and first aid kit.
– Trekking boots.
– Mountain poles.

senderismo Cinco Lagunas Gredos SERAC COMPAÑÍA DE GUÍAS

How much time do I need?

From half-day to several days.

What is the exigency for this trekking in Sierra de Gredos?

Have an acceptable fitness.

How many participants for each mountain guide?

The maximum rate guide:participant is 1:8.

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What is the price of this trekking in Sierra de Gredos?

To calculate a final price, please contact us to design the activity in line with your needs and expectations.

What is included?

– Certified mountain guide.
– Assesment (previously and during the activity).
– Photo report.
– RC and accident insurance during the activity.
– Taxes.

What is not included?

– Accommodation and meals.
– Transportation to the place of activity and during it.
– Expenses not included in the initial program.
– Everything that is not detailed in “What is included?”.

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Need you other planning, other places or other mountain activities?

We can plan with you: trekking, alpinism, ice-climbing, freeskiing, rock climbing, ski touring,…

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